Hey! So, Coming Out Day is coming up soon (Oct. 11) and I just want to post a very stern reminder to NOT out anyone without their explicit permission.

Do NOT out anyone.

Got it?


Today, I am a happy man.

In the next month, I get to:

  • Go to the CMJ music festival, interview the artists, and go to a special press party (because of my job at the paper)
  • Go to Gerard Way’s concert in NY (because of the paper)
  • Go see a live show of Rocky Horror (because of my second job)
  • Go to two Broadway shows (because of class)
  • Finally start T (YAY!)
  • And it’s confirmed that I’m going to LA and Albany, NY  for two really exciting conferences

I’m so happy!

I just woke up but I’m on Tumblr because I just had a dream that all my friends from school. (From every grade ever, before NY) we’re at a party with me, and I looked smoking hot and Michel Cera was there and my friend was gonna interview him and as I was trying to grab my phone to record the interview, Kieran Culkin tapped me on the back and asked for my help while flirting with me.

It was awesome.

Post Op Top Surgery Long Term Chest Care Tips



Hey followers out there, I wanted to make a post about top surgery long term chest care tips since I am now almost 20 weeks post op my double incision with nipple graft procedure. Also because there aren’t many posts about chest care tips specifically for brown/south asian/desi Queer & Trans* folks and as I have brown skin, Keloids happen and I wanted to talk about that here and just talk about what I have been doing that works for me to take care of my chest. Everyone is different so whatever works best for you and if you have more tips, would love to hear them. These are the things that have just been working for my body.

Vitamin E Cream

I have been putting vitamin E cream 2-3 times  day on my scars and nipples since I was 3-4 weeks post surgery; it really helps with longterm healing of the scars and also over time lessens redness. My nipples have some redness and my right side is more tender so the vitamin E cream also helps sooth some of that soreness

Manuka Honey and Manuka Lozenges
Manuka honey is an organic form of honey that you can find at health food stores and stores that sell natural products. Manuka honey has been used by Indigenous communities for healing. It is also anti bacterial and is a great anti-inflammatory and also has the power to repair scar tissue. I use the honey to rub on my scars. Honey can definitely get sticky so I usually apply it to my scars when I can be at home without a tshirt on so it doesn’t stick to my clothes. I also got pure Manuka honey lozenges that I have been having orally; this has made such a difference for me and my swelling for my chest it has been a real help.  It is a tad more on the expensive side because it is organic and natural, but if you are able to have access to it I feel like in the long term is worth it. Or if folks are able to buy you post op care supplies asking them to get this would be superhelpful

Scar Cream
I have been using the scar cream in the upper left corner since the end of May. I have been applying it twice a day and reduced it to once a day about 2 months ago so that I could use the vitamin E as well as the Manuka Honey. It has really been helping with healing and redness. This is the cream I got from the clinic I went to

I used polysporin for my second week post op. I had to keep the compression vest on without removing it for a week and then in my second week, I would remove my compression vest and gauze pad, remove the little square gauze pieces, one on top of each nipple and apply dabs of polysporin onto the gauze pads, put them on my nipple, wrap myself in the pillow like gauze pad and then put my compression vest on. The polysporin really helped heal my nipples fast and made them much less scabby.

Rubbing Scars
Since my one and a half month post op, I have been taking the time to rub my scars - I put the vitamin e cream on and rub them as much as I can which helps them, I have noticed over time appear less red

Arnica Pellets
Arnica pellets ($4-$7 from a health foods store) help reduce pain, swelling and bruising. They are little pellets that literally melt under your tongue. I started taking Arnica 1 week pre op 3 times a day until I was 3 weeks post op. I feel like it truly made such a huge difference with my healing. Helped make my chest feel holistically less painful.  

I iced my chest a lot. I had really dark purple bruising around my armpit because of how tight the compression vest was especially during my first week post op. I would put ice near my armpit areas, mostly to numb the pain of the bruising - 15 minutes on and off with ice on both sides. I continued to ice up until 3 months post op and still ice once in awhile to help the tenderness

Heating Pad

I really struggled with healing because I am a committed stomach sleeper. Because I was having a lot of back pain, I would often take naps with the heating pad behind my back to help temporary relieve the pain of sleeping on my back for so long

Prescribed Pain Meds (Tylenol 3s)

If you are prescribed pain meds to get right before surgery to have after I recommend taking them. Even if you don’t feel the pain right away. I didn’t feel in pain right away, but felt the pain a few hours later and wish I had taken them right away so I didn’t feel the pain as severely. For me, I was experiencing more pain in my second and third weeks of being post op and the T3s really helped me with sleeping as the pain was making me super uncomfortable and sleeping was a real struggle


Pillows make a world of difference during recovery. Have lots, and if you are able to make or purchase a nursing pillow I would totally recommend that as these pillows would really help with your back and propping yourself up, as well as resting your arms.


Really helped me with sleep. It helps regulate sleep patterns and sleep cycles and is a naturally occurring hormone. It makes you feel more sleepy. I felt groggy when I would wake up in the morning but it really helped me with getting a good sleep in my third week post op.


One of the things that happened for me if that I felt super sore around my under armpit area and tense around my shoulder area because I had to rest my arms for a few weeks. So a nurse gave me some small arm stretches to do at home to help ease my arms up back into mobility. One of the stretches was standing in front of a wall, reaching my arm out and slowly with my fingers going a bit higher on the wall each day. I went with my own pace and did this stretch for quite awhile

Having a Supportive Care team

If you are able to, have anywhere from 1-5 people looking out for you and helping take care of you. Anyone you can really trust and who can be really supportive for you in your recovery process. I needed help with a lot of things - from putting my seatbelt on in the car, to carrying grocery bags, to making meals - it really helped me to have chosen fam around who I could really trust and who were able to support me in my process through all of my grumpy moments, haha, I watched tonnes of shows while healing and that really helped take my mind off of my pain.

If you have any questions you want to ask or just want to talk about top surgery, just fire me a message & I hope this helped a bit=)